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Your Choice of Massage Type or Combinations of Types

Your massage therapist will work with you to determine the type of massage that best fits your needs.

  • 30 minutes


  • One hour


  • 90 minutes


  • Two hours


  • Additional minutes
$1 per minute

In-Home Massage

Add a $20 "travel fee" to the prices listed above.

On-Site Corporate Chair Massage

Add an additional $50 set up and travel fee to the prices listed above. A minimum of 10 is required; you set the amount of time to be spent on each client (Minimum time is 5 minutes. Maximum time is 15 minutes.) If more than 30 people sign up, an additional therapist will assist for an additional $30.

Ionic Foot Bath

This toxin-releasing bath is very relaxing and beneficial to anyone who wants to cleanse their body of toxins they may not realize may be affecting their health. As you place your tired feet in this warm bath, the array gently releases toxins from the pores in your feet and makes your feet and toes feel amazing. You will see instant results as the water changes many colors. A chart will describe what toxins have been released. Add an additional $40 for a 30-minute Foot Bath.

At-Home Massage Training for 1 or 2 People

“At-Home Massage” refers to massage performed by someone who is not a Certified Massage Therapist. One form of At-Home Massage that you can learn is self-massage. Another form is performing massage on a partner and receiving massage from that partner. The prices are the same as for Therapeutic Massages.

Massage Training for Groups Up to 10 People

The same "At-Home Massage Traiing is available for groups of up to 10 people.

  • One hour training for first two clients
  • Additional clients
$10 each
  • Additional minutes
$1 per minute
  • Three hours of training
    (given in 1, 2, or 3 sessions)
(a savings of $50)